Tournament Promotional Video

Hi, we are considering using video adverts to promote future GTI tournaments. Whilst a couple of us are not bad using Windows Movie Maker, we suspect there are better talented people out there able to do a better job at it than us.

If you would like to have a go at creating a GTI promo video for our next tournament, potentially for your portfolio, please contact us at

Here is an intro someone made for us.

New Website

The GTI has recently undergone new and exciting changes and therefore we deserves a new modern website. The biggest difference between the old and new site, is the new website is a lot more friendly when viewed on mobile phones


Old website

Our old website, which was started on Friday 24 July 2009, is still available at While the old website will be saved online for historical purposes, it will no longer be maintained and most of the information will be migrated over to this new site. More information later