Best Black Belt Competitor Awards 2014-2015 results

The final Black belt ranking have now been published online at

Congratulations to the Competitor of the Year winners who are

  • Men’s Sparring: Joseph Cockburn – GTI Hinckley
  • Ladies Sparring: Keita Enfield – Cadoxton TKD
  • Boys Sparring: Oliver Charles – GTI North London
  • Girls Sparring:  Catherine Henryanto – GTI North London
  • Men’s Patterns: Joseph Cockburn – GTI Hinckley
  • Ladies Patterns (Joint winners):    Francesca Amigoni – GTI Cheltenham & Stefanie Davies – GTI Liverpool
  • Boys Patterns:  Connor Smith – MWTA Margate
  • Girls Patterns: Abbi Evans-Keeling – Elite TKD

We will be grateful if all winner can attend the next tournament the GTI English Open on 31st January 2016 to  receive thier trophy. Not all are GTI member so whilst we will make all effort to contact the winners, if you know any of the winners, please ask them to attend.

2016 GTI Tournament Dates

Here are some dates for next year.

  • 2016 GTI English Open 31st January  – Cheltenham
  • To be named 16th April – Liverpool
  • 2016 GTI National Open 10th July – Cheltenham
  • 2016 GTI British Open 6th November – Cheltenham

There will also be forthcoming dates on Charity Events, Patterns and Sparring seminars so keep an eye out  🙂

Also the Black belt grading provisional dates are

  • Sunday 10th April 2016 – Derby
  • Sunday 9th October 2016- Derby

Tournament result posted online

The results from our last tournament, the GTI British Open held on Sunday 1st November 2015 have been published online, We would like to thank all students, instructors and family members for their support.
We reserve a special thank you to all officials. If you are a GTI adult Black belt, you could train to be a tournament official. Simply ask your instructor for more information.

Link: 2015 British Open 1st November Results