New Master – Andy Betts

We would like to congratulate, Master Andy Betts, of GTI Luton, on achieving the rank of 7th Dan at the last GTI grading. He has been training for 28 years and was a founder member of the GTI. More details at LINK


Also we would like to congratulate all student who attended the grading and were successful. Results will be online soon

His Google+ page

New Black Belt Grading Format

As agreed on at the last AGM, from this October the Black Belt Grading panel will consist of 3 examiners rather than 5 as in the past. The 3 examiners will be rotated between the existing pool of Dan grading examiners and will have at least one 7th Dan in attendance. The reasons for the change is as follows.

  • Tradition: Historically only one person, originally Gen Choi was required to issue a Dan grade. Today, many Masters including GM Rhee Ki Ha, GM Edwin Hopwood and others issue Dan grades without a panel. The reason the GTI had a 5 man grading panel probably made sense at the time it was started but it is not rooted in Taekwondo tradition.
  • Results: For 99.9% of candidates taking their Black belt grading,  it is clear to anyone if the candidate should pass or fail regardless of number of examiners, 3, 5 or 20,  on the grading panel.  For the very rare 0.01% candidate that is borderline, we feel 3 experienced GTI grading examiners are good enough to make the right decision.
  • Logistics.: Trying to set a Dan grading date which is suitable for 5 examiners is tough and offered little flexibility in the event of one or more of the examiners being unable to attend. Rotating examiners means, if a family emergency arose for any examiner, we can call on another to take over. Big relief for the examiners.
  • Flexibility: With only 3 Dan Grading Examiners, it will be easier to setup additional grading dates, at other location, if necessary, during the year than the current only 2 dates a year.
  • Students: We believe most students will not mind how many examiners are on the GTI Grading panel so long as they are acknowledged by the GTI of attaining their new rank and issued an Official GTI Dan Certificate.

Note we can change things again in future if we have to and GTI Dan grading high standards will still be maintained.