2000 – 7th May

NOTE: Sadly the final results of the Black Belt grading has been lost so this is a list of all student who applied to grade. Attempts have been made to cross-check this list with future grading to remove the names of any candidate that might have been unsuccessful at this grading. Most names on this list were successful at this grading

James Kessler Telford 3rd Dan
Scott Anthony Low Hereford 3rd Dan
Andrew Francis Partridge York 3rd Dan
Matthew David Porter Gloucester 2nd Dan
Lyn Bailey Swindon 2nd Dan
Peter Martin Samain Bicester 1st Dan
David Heron Wendover 1st Dan
Forbes England Tewkesbury 1st Dan
Steven Nigel Nalepa Gloucester 1st Dan
Kathy Lane Dursley 1st Dan
Yvonne Giraud Bicester 1st Dan
Lisa Ann Bailey Worcester 1st Dan
Craig Anthony Pearce Swindon 1st Dan
Oliver Holmes Northampton 1st Dan
Christopher Taylor St Austell 1st Dan
Philip John Clarkson Gloucester 1st Dan
Andre Julian Wilkins Telfod 1st Dan
Samuel Harley Connelly Northampton 1st Dan
Aaron Wanklyn Tewkesbury 1st Dan
Shona Marie Thornhill Dursley 1st Dan
Claire Lofts Swindon 1st Dan
Joseph Christopher Lewington Northampton 1st Dan
Stewart Antony Owen Telford 1st Dan
Alex Garbett Shrewsbury 1st Dan
Arron Fish Hereford 1st Dan
Pardeep Sidhu Derby 1st Dan
Luke Wilson Northampton 1st Dan
John Cullen Northampton 1st Dan
Rebecca Jane Law Northampton 1st Dan
Robert Joseph Payne Telford 1st Dan
Francesca Lane Dursley 1st Dan
Joseph Preece Truro 1st Dan
Ashwin Singh Kang Derby 1st Dan
Andrew Michael Law Northampton 1st Dan
Damon Moorse Swindon 1st Dan
Samantha Kerri Smith Bicester 1st Dan

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