1999 – 31th October

NOTE Sadly the final results of the Black Belt grading has been lost so this is a list of all student who applied to grade. Attempts have been made to cross-check this list with future grading to remove the names of any candidate that might have been unsuccessful at this grading. Most names on this list were successful at this grading

Clive Hasrrison Gloucester 6th Dan
Philip Hatton Oxford 3rd Dan
Martin Brace Worcester 2nd Dan
Anthony Cann Northampton 2nd Dan
Karl John Bennett Brendon 3rd Dan
Gareth David Smith Newquay 3rd Dan
Darren King Northampton 1st Dan
David Gale Derby 1st Dan
Seamus Gerard McGinley Shrewsbury 1st Dan
Daniel Beresford Northampton 1st Dan
Tom Ives Cheltenham 1st Dan
Sara Louise Hayden York 1st Dan
Claire Elizabeth Richardson Wetherby 1st Dan
Colin Philipo Hornabrook Newquay 1st Dan
Robert Adamson York 1st Dan
Andrew Lee Gadd York 1st Dan
Christopher Peter Hall Oxford 1st Dan
Micheal Robert Lowe Crewe 1st Dan
Peter Charles Ashley Crewe 1st Dan
Francesco Labbate Derby 1st Dan
Tara Lofts Swindon 1st Dan
Hayley Ann Nalepa Gloucester 1st Dan
Karl Summers Gloucester 1st Dan
Logan Curtis Hall Worcester 1st Dan
Luke Ashely Hall Worcester 1st Dan
David Georgiou Worcester 1st Dan

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